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Joy Lee

Name: Joy Lee
Location: Elkridge
United States 21075
Contact: Joy Lee : 410) 596-4882

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Additional Info: We are the Agape Musicians.

We have all levels of teachers - from affordable beginners to serious College bound students looking to excel in music to enhance their College portfolios, to actual music majors.
Our fees range from $60 per hour and up. The difference is that you get 2 lessons per week - one private and one group - for about the same price other's charge for merely one in the area.

The group lesson is vital because it gives a sense of class allowing students to meet their peers. They motivate and inspire each other to practice harder - even compete a little in a healthy way...

Students also learn music theory, history, ear training, and perhaps most importantly have a chance to perform for each other - and offer constructive criticisms from other students, and from a truly high level professional performers who are College professor level.

It's helpful if the teacher is also a performer. You know about the saying:

"Those who can do, do
Those who can't, teach"

That might explain the reason for many unsuccessful attempts at learning a musical instrument, despite an honest effort by the students - the teachers were unfamiliar with the traditional techniques handed down to us for centuries...

Our teachers are familiar with traditional techniques, and they will guide you in the right direction, to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Our teachers are also high level performers, and they make constant effort in refining their technique and artistry, so they always have something to offer to their students.

Joy Lee, the group teacher, was invited by maestro Isaac Stern for a Carnegie Hall concert. He was also invited by the maestro Jung Myung-Whun to perform as a soloist with his Europian orchestra.

So, weather you are looking for an affordable beginner's teacher who will guide you in the right direction so you can learn with ease and enjoyment, or looking for a high level teacher who will prepare you to excel in music to enhance a College portfolio, or looking for a world class teacher who will get you in to a high level music school as a major, this is the right place.

There are many documented benefits learning a musical instrument:

1) Teaches the all important discipline to children, which is absolutely necessay in achieving any career goals. In fact, our eduacational system is designed to reward those who can set up long term goals, and to follow through with a constant diligent effort - they are the ones accepted to high level univercities and Colleges...Students who plays an instrument does better at school!

2) Improves brain development in children. This has been well documented in many studies - we all know about the "Mozart effect" - even the fetuses before they were born benefit from exposure to complex classical music.
It even had a good effect on adults as well - mentally sharper, and improve memory.

3) Makes one more cultured. Instead of just visiting Europe, come to know and experience their soul, by coming to appreciate their arts. A cultured person was more likely to be content with their lives. It improves inter-personal relationships as well - when you meet someone new, they were more at ease with a cultured person, and facilitated bonding process.

4) Gives a life long enjoyment for a fulfilling life style. Don't we all want to experience the best the nobles and kings had in the past (especially the Europian)? Don't we want to come to enjoy what the greatest geniuses in the arts have to offer?
Deep satisfaction can be experienced in the culture and arts of the greatest past masters - infinitely more than from materialistic world! Also it's affordable - anyone can enjoy it. Give this gift to your children...
Additional Specialisms: Orchestral Playing, Session Work, Solo Performance
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